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Silo with sliding frame

Reliable and robust, AKIS offers you these Frame Silos which make it possible to store all types of products and extract them in the greatest simplicity in an efficient way.

A silo with sliding frame is a silo with, for extraction system, a sliding frame. The bottom of the silo consists of a moving frame that will convey the product to an extraction screw. The frame will evenly scrape the entire bottom of the silo, to promote the sliding of the product according to the principle: FIFO "first in, first out". The movement of the frame prevents the appearance of vault, and ensures a permanent devoutment in all circumstances.

This system can be used with products such as :

  • dewatered sludge, dried sludge,
  • wood chips, dried wood,
  • and bulk material or product.
  • The screw will be able to support a large flow.

The contents can be directly recovered in containers, or by trucks.This system is available for circular silos but also for rectangular silos.

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