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Screw compactors dewatering screenings

We offer three type of waste compactors achieving different dry substance of the compacted product.

  • Spiral screw and pressurised trapdoor (dryness of about 20%)
  • Hydraulic piston compactor (dryness of about 30%)
  • Wash press - "high pressure" screw washer (dryness> 40%)

The washing screw compactor - "high pressure" allows a dryness of 35 to 60%, while eliminating effectively organic substances through its integrated washing system. Washing the screenings increases the dry substance.

After washing, the screenings consist mainly of paper and plastic, which provides a very high compression and a decrease in the volume of waste. Decreasing the amount of waste with very high dryness reduces the landfilling or incineration costs significantly.

The washing press ensures a return on investment very quickly.