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Water treatment and liquid/solid separation

AKIS has acquired extensive experience in liquid/solid separation processes, including screening, sieving and compacting.

  • Automatic, non-continuous movement to reduce wearing
  • Indoor or outdoor installation, even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Installation in a channel or stainless steel tank. These tanks are easy to install and customizable (with the addition of a compactor, grid refusals bagging system, integrated overflow trough and by-pass with grid…)
  • Conveyors and compactors for screenings handling

Industries : wastewater and process water treatment

  • Complete study of your needs for a custom solution
  • Automated systems and limited maintenance
  • Water-consumption reduction and optimized quality control
  • High-performance liquid-solid separation: water-recycling and reduction of waste disposal costs

Municipal wastewater treatment

  • Installation indoors or outdoors, channel or stainless steel tank
  • Screens in tank: comprehensive and customizable solutions (integrated overflow trough and by-pass, compactor, bagging system…), easy installation
  • All-in-one automated systems for septic sludge

Drinking water, irrigation water treatment and pumping stations

  • High capacity systems for high flow rates
  • Scrapers for drinking water or irrigation water
  • From 1mm fine screening to 20mm coarse screening

Our product range also includes sand treatment, sludge treatment, sludge-lime mixing and conveying equipments.

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