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Sludge lime mixer

With several years of experience and numerous installations, AKIS developped different types of mixers: horizontal mixers Sluka series M and M2, and vertical mixers OKM. Our mixers were designed for blending lime and sludge homogeneously while keeping the sludge's structure, but can be used for blending various materials.

Horizontal mixers Sluka M and M2 series (with 1 and 2 shafts respectively) have a large volume that allows a longer contact time between the sludge and the lime. Mixing by two ploughshare shafts ensures a thorough mixing and a homogeneous result.

The OKM vertical mixer is a lesser known alternative for sludge-lime mixing. In addition to mixing and blending the two products, the OKM vertical mixer also serves as a vertical conveyor and transfers them upwards, e.g. to a horizontal spreading screw. This saves a significant amount of space and the machine be easily integrated into a liming-conveying-storage system, for example.

Horizontal Mixers Sluka

Vertical Mixers OKM

  • Highly resistant ploughshares made of special Swedish steel
  • Large volume, homogeneous mixture of sludge and lime
  • Robust and efficient machine
  • High throughput capacity

  • Very compact, space-saving installations
  • Easy integration into a complete system of sludge liming, conveying and storage
  • Upward conveying of the mixed product
  • Excellent mixing results
  • Sizing according to throughput


  • Electrical power
  • Height of supports
  • Input and output openings types
  • Speed variation
  • Inspection hatches configuration

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