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Sludge Treatment

High-performance scraper systems

AKIS provides several kinds of longitudinal scraper systems for settling basins.

  • Space and costs saving solution compared to circular systems
  • Chain scrapers: very strong but light systems
  • Exceptionally long lifespan and little maintenance
  • Low energetic consumption
  • Adaptation to all kinds of basins and tanks

Sludge thickening and dewatering

The dehydration method depends on the type of sludge, targeted dry-content percentage and several other factors… From the screw press to the drain table or the piston compactor, we study your needs to provide you with the equipment best fitted to your situation.

  • Personalized study of your needs
  • Low energy consumption

Sludge conveying and valorization

We are specialists in sludge-lime mixing, sludge conveying solutions and storage and extraction systems.

  • Heavy-duty spirals: long distances with a single geared motor
  • Conveying all kinds of sludge: liquid, dehydrated, mixed, limed…
  • Vertical screws for silo feeding and highly efficient extraction systems with sliding frame or live-bottom: cutting down truck loading time
  • Horizontal or vertical mixers for different kinds of sludge, lime, compost…
  • Turnkey solutions

We have extensive experience in sludge lime treatment, with turnkey conveying, lime mixing, silo feeding and silo extraction systems.

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