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Sand & Grit Treatment

From the separation of sand and water to sand cleaning for reuse, AKIS provides several solutions for sand and grit handling.

Sand scraping in settling basins

  • Scrapers for rectangular settling tanks - space saving
  • Highly resistant, very light plastic chains
  • High life expectancy and little maintenance needs

Sand classifier - heavy particles separator

  • Efficient separation of water and sand, sand dewatering
  • Used in paper mills and other industries for the separation of liquids and heavy materials

Sand or grit washers

  • Very efficient washing for the reuse of sand
  • Different models depending on flow rate and the quantity of sand
  • Grit reception units: sand receiving hoppers with conveying screws for a complete system

Our sand washers can also clean other materials. Contact us for a personalized study of your needs and a tailored solution.

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